Truegold and you
When you purchase the token you have the following choice:
  • You can request secure delivery over the internet into your Ethereum compatible e-wallet. – Create your e-wallet now. (link to wallet creation site)
  • Or, if you are fearful of hacking, you can request the conversion of your token into an air-gapped hardcopy printed code, which is mailed to you by registered mail.
As owner of the token you can:
  • Request redemption of your coin at any time. Simply notify us, and upon presentation of the token, you can pick-up your coin in Geneva free of charge, or we will deliver your coin to you via secured courier at your expense, after which your token expires.
  • Request redemption of your coin and sell it back to us. Upon presentation of the token, we will remove your coin from storage and purchase it from you for 105% of the gold price at the day of sale. The funds will be transferred to you, your token expires.
  • Transfer the token freely to any third party, be it as a gift, or as part of a sale.